Julius Berger International Uses ProVI

26. April 2019

Julius Berger International GmbH (JBI) is an engineering company based in the German city of Wiesbaden. It specializes in planning and coordinating building projects for building construction, infrastructure and industrial facilities. The firm’s Nigerian parent company commissioned JBI with the implementation planning of a four-lane highway in Nigeria extending more than 380 km. The project was launched in fall 2018. To prepare the details of the construction project with a high degree of practical orientation and ensure that all processes run smoothly, JBI has deployed the BIM software from ProVI. It supports the engineers in performing the majority of road design tasks and quantity calculations. The construction project is being managed by a number of engineers, which is why it is vital that all project employees can access the very latest highway project data at all times. ProVI lets them do this – a major benefit over other programs. The BIM solution also allows AutoCAD elements to be output directly, which gives users an instant overview of the calculation results – a highly welcome feature for ensuring that construction projects can be realized easily and without complications. One especially outstanding feature of ProVI for large-scale construction projects is the output of 3D solids. If an engineer is designing 3D bridges in Allplan or Revit, for example, these can be integrated directly in the digital roadway.

“Our partnership with ProVI could not function any more smoothly,” says Alexander Schwarz, Senior Engineer at Julius Berger. “The support we receive from ProVI is outstanding. The team is on hand whenever we need them for advice and assistance. If no program-supported solution is available, ProVI writes a patch file, ships it to us as soon as it’s ready and integrates it in the next software update. ProVI is an innovative company that is constantly enhancing the functionality of its software.”


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