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23. February 2021

The engineering office Hauswald relies on ProVI for projects of all sizes

Regardless of whether it is the creation of an industrial park with a total cost of several million euros or smaller projects such as an inner-city road rehabilitation – the engineering office Hauswald plans each of its projects with ProVI. Bernd Hauswald manages the small engineering office with a total of three employees and has relied on the infrastructure planning software for orders of any size since 2003.

Elaborate road rehabilitation in the inner-city area

One of his current construction projects is a road renovation in Bischofswerda. The project consists of a large number of short, complicated street segments with narrow sections, some of which are only four meters wide between buildings. The challenge here was the large number of constraining points in the inner-city area, such as basement light wells, stair entrances, garage entrances or parking spaces. Added to this was the area’s longitudinal slope of up to 7 percent, which meant that the handicapped-accessible sidewalks required special adjustments. In addition, construction work on a municipal ruin in Bischofswerda had to be taken into account, which was running at the same time. “We were only able to cope with the associated wealth of data thanks to ProVI,” says Managing Director Bernd Hauswald.

Increased productivity through intuitive usability

For the graduate engineer, another decisive reason for choosing ProVI is the increased productivity in his company: “Thanks to the scope of services that ProVI offers, my productivity has increased immensely, so that today we manage with three people what I used to manage with ten.” What plays an important role here is the software’s quick learnability and consistent operating logic. After basic training and an introduction to the basic concepts, new employees can quickly work with ProVI and achieve usable results, because “the software is clearly structured and intuitive to use,” says Bernd Hauswald. “And that saves time and money.”

Software that “thinks” like an engineer

The managing director also finds the structure of ProVI useful: “The division via alignments, strips and courses determines the building structures and is found in the logic of all regulations in road construction. That’s a quite ingenious way of working with software, because that’s how the engineer thinks, too.”

inner-city road rehabilitation

inner-city road rehabilitation


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