ProVI and DESITE MD Interfaces for BIMQ

02. December 2019

Implementation makes BIM-based design much easier

Munich-based company AEC3 has developed two new interfaces for using the BIMQ platform for ProVI and DESITE MD. Both have the potential to make the BIM processes performed by planners much quicker and easier.
It has now never been easier for contractors, BIM coordinators and BIM designers to export templates for model elements and characteristics from BIMQ. In addition, BIMQ has created complete, cross-component rules for automatic model checking for DESITE MD Pro.

One of the newly implemented interfaces allows requirements to be exported from BIMQ to ProVI. This makes the whole process of planning road and rail infrastructure projects much more efficient. The aim of the interface development was to provide BIMQ users with a reference guideline containing all mappings on IFC2x3 and IFC4. This means that users can access all attributes in the PSet_ProVIAttribute characteristic set and assign them directly. This speeds up planning, as does the new feature for mapping to ProVI attributes.
Specially for railroad design, the ProVI software enables guideline-compliant 3D railroad models to be created quickly and easily. This allows site and grading plans, cross-sections and a whole range of other analyses to be realized. ProVI has for many years being among the leading route design systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is the standard route design program used by Deutsche Bahn AG for planning rail transportation. Now that PROVIATT.CFG can be exported from BIMQ, it is even easier for ProVI users to place the requirements for an element such as “line number” or “position system” in the context of the corresponding ProVI attribute with the nomenclature “BEZ_BTT_OB_SCHIENE.” This makes the new interface the perfect embodiment of ProVI’s declared mission to offer users not only a highly intuitive and easy-to-learn tool, but also a comprehensive range of features and functions.

Manual modifications: CodeSnipes makes it easy!

Another new feature is an interface with the DESITE MD model checker, an application developed by thinkproject, which provides BIM managers on the client side and BIM designers/coordinators on the designer side with new rules for checking requirements regarding model elements and characteristics from BIMQ. The BIMQ platform creates complete, cross-component rules for automatic model checking and all result types (e.g. error, warning, ignored, passed) for DESITE MD Pro in a single step. All notifications are displayed separately for each element and characteristic while the check is ongoing. What makes this software really special is that when data is exported from BIMQ, CodeSnipes are generated that users can easily edit in line with their own requirements after the data has been imported and then opened in DESITE MD. For DESITE MD users, the new interface makes cross-project work noticeably easier and so has a significant impact on the quality of the results of digital building model checks.


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