UTIBER Kft. uses ProVI for BIM modeling

27. February 2023

UTIBER Kft. is a Hungarian company specializing in the design and project management of road and railroad infrastructure projects. UTIBER Kft. has been using ProVI software since 2020. Already in the first project, with the help of the support, the users were able to successfully handle a customer project with ProVI and increase their productivity.

Traditional Hungarian company

The Hungarian company UTIBER Kft. was founded in 1991 and represents the legal successor of the public road investment company. UTIBER Kft. is divided into two departments, which also provide consulting services: the planning department is dedicated to the design of road and railroad infrastructure projects from the study to the final design, while the project management department focuses its activities mainly on the construction phase and site investigation.

Enthusiastic from the very first project

In 2020, UTIBER Kft. was looking for planning software that could be used to execute BIM projects. In the process, the company came across ProVI and contacted the support team. “We chose ProVI and benefited greatly from using it from the very first project and in all subsequent projects,” reports Jeno Keresztes, COO Design Directorate at UTIBER Kft. The first project to use ProVI was a main road project with 2D designs that was already in the construction phase. Here, a BIM model was to be created at the client’s request, with fixed objects, attributes and data according to the client’s requirements.

Close collaboration with ProVI support

“The challenge was to create a true BIM model for road construction, containing many branches with data-driven solid state objects. We were able to use ProVI so successfully and profitably on the very first project because our civil engineer in charge was in close contact with ProVI support. The contact persons were very flexible and easy to reach, so that they were able to accompany us through the project, and we learned many important techniques and features already in practical use,” Keresztes sums up.

Various benefits convince Utiber and increase project quality

Not only the support, but also other advantages of the ProVI software convinced UTIBER Kft: Thanks to the database-oriented way of working, model creations could be implemented more quickly and, in addition, it was possible to work even on less powerful hardware. “Thanks to effective work with the software and ease of use, more time can be spent on the design process and there is no need to spend time creating a model in complicated software. This also results in easier model creations,” explains Keresztes.

Partner of choice for new projects also in the future

“I am convinced of ProVI and can observe that we can also offer our customers even better results since using the software, not only in road projects but also in rail projects. The support is extraordinary flexible and reliable. After the training, a couple of our engineers realized that they could work more flexibly when modeling intersections thanks to small changes in the software. We communicated this to support and in the new release our suggestion was implemented, which made us very happy. There is still room for improvement especially in the national requirements for drawing creation, here we hope for the next release”, Keresztes summarizes the cooperation.

UTIBER Kft. uses ProVI for BIM modeling

UTIBER Kft. uses ProVI for BIM modeling


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