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17. January 2022

R+R Ingenieure is a small engineering firm under the managing directors Robert Reinhold and Marc Raithel that specializes primarily in civil engineering and traffic facility construction. Since 2018, the engineering office has been serving clients in the public and private sector. In the spring of 2021, Marc Raithel was looking for new planning software that did not require programming skills. Through a recommendation, the engineer became aware of the BIM solution for traffic and infrastructure planning ProVI and was convinced after a short test phase.

Immediately convinced after the test

In March 2021, Marc Raithel tried out ProVI with a test license and was so convinced that he switched to the full version in April. “It bothered me that I always had to spend time programming with the old software. Especially with subsequent changes, it was incredibly inconvenient and you had to adjust and recalculate a lot of little things again until everything fit the way it was before. It is not uncommon that in the middle of planning the client wants the road to be moved half a meter to the left or right, which means a lot of work. With ProVI, this is now much easier and all pending points are also automatically recalculated,” the managing director of R+R Ingenieure says.

Immediate practical application

Marc Raithel was particularly enthusiastic about the routing software because of its short training period. Immediately after purchasing the full version, Raithel used ProVI to process an order for a development road that he had already started in the previous software. Due to inconsistent measurement data, Raithel had to redo the measurements and rebuilt the project in ProVI. Although he had not yet received any training on ProVI, he was able to independently set up and work on the project and also overcome challenges such as a truck curve widening. “That’s the great thing about ProVI, that it’s so intuitive and hands-on to use. That’s why I really benefited a lot from the software from the first day of the changeover and I’m still very happy with my decision,” says Raithel.

More efficiency through simple and intuitive operation

For Raithel, the biggest difference is made by the user interface, which enables simple and intuitive operation, as well as the depth of data that is stored in the project and also in the outputs. Therefore, he also expects smoother processes in the collaboration, because the plans and output data that go to the construction companies are more detailed and errors or gaps are better visible through the drawings. “Through the visualizations, I can now see immediately if something doesn’t fit somewhere or something is missing, and I can also click directly into the plan to change or move a street. Then all the associated elements are pulled right along with it. Where I used to have to type commands into an enormously long script, I now have dialog boxes to work with. This is much more intuitive and practical,” explains Raithel.

More fun at work again

The young engineer sees the greatest effect in the fact that he can now concentrate more on his actual work – designing – and no longer has to dwell on the programming language of a software. “That’s really the point of a program, isn’t it, that it makes your work easier and not that you spend so much time telling it what to do? It makes it a lot more fun for me to process orders now,” he finds.

By engineers for engineers

When Raithel didn’t know how to implement specific challenges in his projects, he found a solution together with the ProVI support team: “You realize that there are engineers sitting at the other end who understand the tasks and really want to help you. That is very pleasant. I also think it’s great that there are noticeable developments and improvements with every new release. They really take into account and try to implement what the users suggest. The slogan that ProVI has on its website is really true; the software has obviously been developed by engineers for engineers,” says Marc Raithel.

R+R Ingenieure

R+R Ingenieure

R+R Ingenieure


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