ProVI Geodesy

Integrates surveying in your planning workflow

High-Precision Geodetic Analyses and Network Adjustment Calculations

To supplement the route design solutions, ProVI offers a separate module for analyzing geodetic recordings. The Geodesy module contains elements of the CAPLAN program package from Cremer Programmentwicklung GmbH. These are seamlessly integrated in ProVI and enable you to perform a whole range of calculations, from the transfer of field data to the final coordinates. This ensures that your project database contains an end-to-end data flow from the initial survey to the finished route – in keeping with the BIM methodology. If necessary, changes to the initial data can be automatically processed further via the DTM up to the level of the three-dimensional route model.

The following CAPLAN modules are available:

  • Basic module (CAPLAN)
  • Cremers Editor (CREDIT)
  • Tacheometric analysis (DIRAUS)
  • Geodetic point calculation (GPUNKT)
  • Site network adjustment (NETZ1L)
  • Leveling (NIVAUS)
  • Elevation network adjustment (NETZ1H)
  • Advanced coordinate transformation (KOTRAN)
  • GNSS spatial network adjustment (NETZ1R)

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The Geodesy module is available as an add-on module to our Road and Rail modules and the XLT versions.

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