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ProVI is a graphical, interactive, AutoCAD-based software system for traffic and infrastructure planning for roads and railroads.
In addition to AutoCAD, our products are compatible with Civil3D, AutoCAD Map3D and BricsCAD.


The origins of ProVI-based development go back to the era of mainframe computers and punch cards. In 1996, we became an official Autodesk Authorized Developer (then using AutoCAD 11) and, in 2015, a BricsCAD developer, too.
Thanks to our decades of experience in this development environment, our customers benefit from a mature and highly stable software system for their day-to-day work.


Many applications “run” on AutoCAD or can generate AutoCAD drawings, but ProVI can do lots more. Since it was developed especially for this system right from the outset, it can be seamlessly integrated in AutoCAD, allowing you to draft your designs directly in the drawing and benefit from all the functions and features of this system in the early design stages.


General IT updates are usually implemented very quickly by Autodesk in your products – including in ProVI. Back in 2010, for example, we became one of the first developers of infrastructure design software to introduce a 64-bit version. ProVI and AutoCAD are equipped with full Unicode support for global use, and we also support the increasing use of ever-higher monitor resolutions (4K, UHD) with a fully scalable interface.


With AutoCAD and BricsCAD as a basis, our team does not have to worry about developing basic CAD functionality and can instead concentrate on the specialist application itself. Response times are faster and our customers receive important new updates more quickly.


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