Calculation Functions

All the required analyses and representations can be derived from the route model. ProVI offers a wide range of calculation tools.


Alignment Intermediate Points

You can calculate the associated coordinates, grid bearings, radii and spiral lengths / clothoid parameters for predefined stations. This means that the program can also be used for determining setting-out coordinates. The calculated points can also be mapped in the design if required and written as reference points to a file.


You can calculate the setting-out data for any alignment sections using the orthogonal or polar method, whereby the alignment points are set out from a traverse running along the length of the route. The calculated values can be integrated in the design as lines with length specifications.

Points of Intersection

This program function allows you to calculate the points at which two alignments intersect.
If required, ProVI can mark the calculated coordinates in the site plan and output them in a file.

Lateral Distances

This tool calculates the distances between alignments.
The results can be shown in the site plan and output in a file.

Compulsory Points

This ProVI function calculates the distances between compulsory points and an alignment. The data for the points either is stored in a coordinates file or can be selected on the screen. All calculations can be performed two- or three-dimensionally. You can also perform an optional clearance check.

Existing Track Points

This module can calculate alignment points on the basis of rail points measured in the field, which allows the program to quickly reconstruct the track alignment and vertical alignment.

Track Displacement

ProVI factors in the existing points of the alignment to calculate track displacement values. This target/actual comparison can be output as a list or shown in the drawing in the form of displacement vectors.

Setting-Out Book

The ProVI add-on for Microsoft Excel uses the Excel output of the compulsory point calculation to generate a setting-out book.
This contains graphical representations of not only distances and differences in elevation, but also curvatures, cants and gradient development.
You can choose how each individual band is displayed.

Volume and Quantity Calculation

Our software allows you to calculate volumes and quantities for road and rail construction projects. You can do this either using digital terrain models or existing cross-sections or directly from the route model designed in ProVI.


Level Output

ProVI creates the level output and setting-out lists for all the strips and courses along your road or rail section as well as for any other objects. The calculation results can be output as either a text document or Excel list.

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