Every project has its own special features and peculiarities.
ProVI can be adapted in line with your design requirements on multiple levels: user level, project level or company-wide.



So that your designs can be checked in ProVI, you can choose from different guidelines. If your project is subject to special rules (e.g. due to regional circumstances), you can change the limits for these checks in a configuration file. These can be specified for a certain user (settings apply to all projects being processed by the current user) or project (settings apply to all persons processing the project). This also enables projects to be processed by different users all over the world in different project environments.

Object Catalogs

Configuration files are also used when you want to add your own types to the object catalogs shipped with the program – e.g. for switches, tractrix curve vehicles, noise protection wall posts, catenary masts, curb types or user-defined component attributes. This is usually done directly through the program interface.

Design Generation

Design generation templates can be made available company-wide in the form of mask files to ensure standardized representations. The layers and texts generated by ProVI can also be taken from configuration files. This allows the output to be generated in any language regardless of the selected user interface language.
End-to-end Unicode support in ProVI means that you can easily use special characters that are not normally found in western European languages.


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