Coordinate Transformation

In ProVI, all files that contain coordinates (e.g. points, lines, cadasters / land acquisition, alignment, drainage networks, etc.) and drawings can be transformed to different coordinate systems. You have the following options:

  • ProVI transformation allows you to shift, rotate and scale.
  • The Caplan variant offers a range of common transformations based on the seven-parameter method as well as with NTv2 files (e.g. for transformation from Gauss–Krüger to UTM). The Geodesy module (Caplan) can also be used for defining additional systems and generating parameter sets through pass point transformations.
  • If you have a license for the GNTRANS program from Geo++, you can use GNTRANS to perform transformations between Gauss–Krüger national coordinates and the DB-REF rail system.
  • If you use Autodesk Map or Civil3D, ProVI can also apply the transformations available in these systems.

ALKIS Import

When ALKIS data is imported to our software, the parcel coordinates in the UTM system can be converted directly to the coordinate system used for your design.

Google Earth Export

You can export any and every CAD drawing to Google Earth so that you can see your design in context. With this, all coordinates are automatically transformed to the WGS84 system used by Google Earth.

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