ProVI can use your building model to automatically create a wide range of different cross-section representations – from simple ground sections to complete project cross-sections comprising multiple bundled routes – and you do not have to define the section stations in advance. The profiles can be drawn at any time for any station.


The display can be configured in a number of different ways for your project. It’s up to you what gets drawn, labeled or hachured. You can also give any object its own labeling bar. You can also change any labeling text in line with your project. Individual horizontal, vertical and course dimensions are already created in the route model in the form of parameters and so can be automatically integrated in the cross-sections.


To check and document your volume calculation, our software can hachure the calculated areas and volumes and enter them as legends in the individual cross-sections. This makes the calculation process transparent and easily comprehensible.


You can also integrate elements from other disciplines in the cross-sections so that everyone can keep track of each other’s progress.

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