ProVI’s user-friendly drainage programs allow you to design and analyze not only pipelines for traffic routes but also entire sewerage networks. The attributed 3D model created here is stored together with data from the other specialist disciplines in a shared project database.

Drainage Design

To help you design drainage networks, ProVI offers a graphical, interactive drainage editor. You can use this tool to define the positions of manholes and pipes directly within the site plan as well as in longitudinal and cross-sections or generate entire pipelines to which manholes spaced at predefined intervals are added. When doing so, you always work in the context of the overall model – in other words, positions, bottom and top heights and manhole depths can relate to a terrain model, vertical alignment or the strips and courses of a route. This makes it easy, for example, to position filter drainage at a fixed distance from the soil subgrade under a drainage ditch. To prevent conflicts with existing supply lines for electricity, gas, telecommunications, etc., these can also be incorporated in the sections.
You can make subsequent changes at any time in the drawing or the manhole and pipe tables using the graphical, interactive interface. Numerous check and calculation functions are available here; for example, to ensure a minimum gradient in a pipeline.


ProVI uses your manholes as a basis for automatically creating manhole lists and drawings. For performance records or pipe dimensioning, you can perform hydraulic calculations using the time coefficient method. ProVI can determine the catchment areas assigned to the pipes on the basis of the terrain surface.
The software can also perform calculations to determine the excavation volumes of the pits for manholes and pipes as well as the construction areas.

  • Manhole lists and drawings
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Catchment area calculation
  • Volume calculation


ProVI can visualize manholes and pipes in site plans, grading plans and cross-sections. There is a wide range of options available for changing the designs in line with your project specifications. In grading plans, you can choose between representations projected onto an alignment or along a specific pipeline.
You can also create a three-dimensional visualization of your drainage network with solids.

Data Exchange

ProVI features an ISYBAU interface for importing and exporting drainage data. This allows data to be exchanged quickly and seamlessly with third-party systems and special software for hydraulic calculations.
The BIM output modules allow an attributed 3D model of your drainage network to be exported as an IFC or CPXML file.

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