Envelope Curves

The envelope curve program allows you to determine the space required by a tram so that you can verify the navigability of rail tracks – a task that is especially important in urban areas.

Envelope Curves by Vehicle Outline

Using data from tram manufacturers, our software calculates and draws the area covered by a tram as it travels longitudinally along an alignment. The movement can also be shown in an animation. ProVI features a library containing over 120 common reference vehicles including trams, subway trains and track cleaning vehicles. You can also add your own trains to this library.

Static Envelope Curves

If you don’t know the exact vehicle outline or you have to verify navigability for different train types, you can calculate the envelope curves using a simplified method involving radius- and cant-dependent width allowances.
ProVI either takes the allowances from a table or calculates them using special formulas.

The envelope curve calculation is included in the Rail module, but can also be obtained separately as an XLT version.

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