External Models

As BIM software for road and railroad design, ProVI can import CityGML and IFC models from other specialist applications in order to, for example, integrate existing buildings or bridge models in our building model.


A fundamental principle of BIM is collaboration with other project team members on a single building model. This requires suitable interfaces so that sub-models from different specialist applications can be compiled to create an overall model. In this way, you can enrich the road and rail lines designed in ProVI with, for example, building construction designs from Revit and the urban models from your GIS application. These external models can then be represented as intersecting planes in the cross-sections of your route.


The use of external models is not limited to a simple display in model form, because you can also use our software to edit the shipped attributes and also add new ones (e.g. to assign attributes to bridge structures for line stationing). This makes the ProVI database ideal for compiling all sub-models to create an overall model. For analysis purposes, the building model – complete with all its attributes – can then exported via the IFC or CPIXML interface to, for example, a tender software program such as iTWO.

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