Grading Plan

From the terrain model, a longitudinal profile can be interpolated along the alignment. This can be used as a basis for the gradient design, which is also performed in a graphical, interactive editing program.


In ProVI, the grading plan – depending on the trade – is represented in accordance with the requirements of the DB AG guidelines or the guidelines for the creation of standardized design documents in road construction. The drawing regulations of the Austrian national railway company can also be taken into account. The labeling can be chosen in accordance with the scale and adapted in line with your specific project requirements.


Our software allows you to represent and measure multiple terrain and gradient lines in a grading plan. An independent reference alignment can also be chosen here as a stationing alignment.


In the bands, you can include important route design values in an easy-to-read manner under the grading plan:


You can also integrate elements from other disciplines in the grading plan so that everyone can keep track of each other’s progress. Structures can be added as schematic blocks with the relevant label boxes.

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