The junction editor is used for the 2D and 3D design of T-intersections, crossings, roundabouts and other intersection types. This tool does not limit you to a small number of standard forms, because our software’s flexible modeling concept makes it incredibly easy for you to design even complex intersection types such as bypasses, turbo roundabouts and secondary T-junctions.

Precision Lane Modeling

You can model the lanes within the intersection to an extremely high level of precision and determine the levels using crossfall or separate vertical alignments. This gives you the flexibility you need, especially for multi-lane urban intersections. And at the touch of a button, you can generate the transition to ground at the edge roundings.

Surface Drainage

The real-time calculation and visualization of levels and contour lines in every editing step makes it amazingly easy to check the surface drainage. And whenever changes are made to the connecting roads, the junctions are updated automatically.
ProVI also features a wizard that allows you to generate in just a few steps a complete intersection from just a couple of lines representing the road alignments.

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