Land Acquisition

With ProVI, you can import owner, land register and cadaster data from ALKIS, calculate acquisition areas and create land acquisition records and plans.


Importing Plot Data

Our software offers a range of land acquisition tools.
Owner, land register and cadaster data can be imported from ALKIS files, various ALB formats and CSV files.
You can either import the parcel geometry directly with the ALKIS files or enter them from the CAD drawing. The program offers numerous tools for this such as interactive drawing preparation, assignment of parcel numbers, calculation functions and check routines.

Determining Acquisition Areas

You will then automatically see the acquisition areas through the intersection of the parcel areas and construction areas.
You can now automatically generate land acquisition records and plans from this data in compliance with either the guidelines for the creation of standardized design documents in road construction, the DB guideline, ASFiNAG or your own specifications. The land acquisition data can then be exported via the OKSTRA interface.

The land acquisition tool is included in the Road and Rail modules, but can also be obtained separately as an XLT version.

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