In ProVI’s Rail module, outer and central platforms are designed within the route model. You can model the platform edge complete with coping stones and foundations, the platform surface, the layer composition, the platform drainage (box gutter or concrete gutter) and, for outer platforms, the rear side with angle support or non-raised curb.

Guideline-Compliant Platform Edges

Our software can calculate the 3D curve of the platform edge in accordance with DB Guideline 813 / ÖBB Guideline RW 01.06. Alternatively, existing platforms can also be modeled. The shipped configuration contains the coping stones commonly found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but you can also add your own, self-defined types to the list of platform edge types.

Revit Interface

To fulfill the requirements of DB Station & Service, you can export the platforms generated in ProVI to Revit. When doing so, you can also add data about the tactile paving system. Instances of Revit families are generated from the individual platform elements. You can export other objects available in ProVI (e.g. the track system or underlying terrain model) to Revit via the IFC interface.

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