Point Cloud

Automated laser surveying is becoming increasingly popular in many applications. ProVI offers all the tools you need for using the resulting point clouds in your design processes.


Filtering Point Clouds

Laser surveying usually generates vast amounts of data that are difficult for standard design programs to process. Our software, however, allows you to significantly reduce the data volume by filtering out non-relevant points.
For example, you could concentrate on only the points in an alignment corridor or within a specific boundary line. This saves storage space and processing time without any loss of accuracy or precision.

Terrain Model

You can use point clouds (or specific categories of these) as a direct basis for creating terrain models and visualizing their cross-sections and longitudinal sections.
Just like triangulations, two-dimensional point clouds can be used in your route model for slope calculation. You can also use point clouds generated from tunnel surveys to perform clearance checks or calculate excavation waste.

Generating Grids

Highly detailed laser surveys such as those created during surveying flights can be transferred to grid terrain models, allowing you to process even terrain models comprising several billion points with zero loss of performance.

Virtual Inspections

Before work begins on maintenance or track replacement work, an inspection usually takes place to ascertain the situation on site. This used to require the track to be closed for long periods of time, which badly impacted rail services. Now, however, track sections can be scanned by measurement vehicles at speeds of 80 km/h or more so that the inspection can then take place virtually – regardless of the weather conditions and rail traffic. This helps to make your project work faster, safer and more cost-effective.

Detecting the Track Position

Our algorithms deploy artificial intelligence to detect objects, which allows the tops of rails to be automatically localized in the point cloud so that reconstruction work on existing alignments can be carried out more quickly.

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