Project Management


Never Lose Track of Your Project Data!

In ProVI, projects are managed in such a way that all the project data in the underlying database is stored in a clear, hierarchical structure – just like in Windows Explorer. You can organize your project simply by adding folders.
One special feature is the automatic sorting of alignment-related data such as vertical alignments and routes underneath the alignment, which ensures that data is already neatly organized automatically by the system.
The files can be divided into user-defined categories and specially highlighted or flagged as valid or invalid. This helps you to distinguish between variants and service phases.

Make Life Easy for Yourself!

The project browser shows you all the context-dependent options available for each object and so helps you to work intuitively. The context menu for an alignment, for example, contains only the functions that are available for this specific alignment. As a result, you can start using the software efficiently and productively after just a brief period of training.

Never Forget Anything!

The project management tool recognizes any dependencies among your files. After you make changes, it suggests potential updates to dependent data and can make these changes automatically (through either recalculation or the projection of stations). So if you calculate a longitudinal profile from an alignment and terrain model, but the alignment then changes, the system will ask whether you want to recalculate the longitudinal profile.


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