Rail Division Planning

For the small route design radii usually found in urban areas, the rails have to be pre-bent along their entire length before they are installed. This is standard practice for grooved rails in curves with a radius of less than 180 m and for flat-bottomed rails with a radius of less than 150 m. To help with this, our software allows you to create bending plans with the rail divisions and bending data for use by the rail manufacturer and on the construction site.

To support you in this task, ProVI features a graphical, interactive editor for defining the rail joint points. With this tool, you can first set fixed joint points at compulsory points and then ask the program to automatically position as many rails as possible with a fixed, maximum rail length between these points. You can also perform automatic gauge tie bar or sleeper division.
You can choose among the following joints: weld joints, building site joints, shop joints, final welds, strap joints and insulating joints.
You will then receive a graphical and tabular display of all the necessary information required for manufacturing and laying the rails.

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