Sight Distances

On the basis of the three-dimensional route model, ProVI calculates the required and actual stopping and passing sight distances.


Obstructed Vision

To calculate the degree of obstructed vision, our software detects safety-relevant deficits in the spatial line guidance such as critical areas of obstructed vision and concealed beginnings of curves.
You can visualize the results of sight distance and obstructed vision calculations in a longitudinal section.

Driver View Animation

This feature generates a three-dimensional view of the road from the driver’s perspective. You can use this feature to create videos or generate the perspective images described in RAL/HViSt to verify the recognizability of the route.

Sight Obstacles

You can incorporate intermittent sight obstacles such as trees and road signs as well as linear sight obstacles such as guardrails and buildings alongside the road. Noise protection walls created along the route are automatically detected as sight obstacles and treated accordingly.
Since the sight rays can be drawn three-dimensionally in your route model, you can easily identify the relevant obstacles.

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