Site Plan

Automatically generate site plans based on your ground, route, drainage and supply line models.


Designs are created and labeled in accordance with the scale and, depending on the trade, in accordance with the DB AG or ÖBB guidelines or the guidelines for the creation of standardized design documents in road construction.
The drawing is distributed across multiple layers to ensure maximum flexibility during the subsequent design process. You can change the layer assignments in line with your requirements on a project-specific basis. You can also configure all the labeling text and abbreviations used by the drawing programs so that the designs look exactly as you want them to.

To visualize the route model, you can choose between a 2D representation, 3D wireframe model, 3D surface model or 3D solids.
You can also add the following details to the site plan:

  • Slope hachures
  • Shading
  • Grade labeling
  • Tops of rails
  • Level labeling (road)
  • Subgrade slope (rail)
  • Subgrade widths (rail)
  • Drainage direction

The help programs contain useful tools for creating plan margins for single plans and series of plans based on plan frames.

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