Supply Lines

Road and rail construction work also affect the supply lines located in the vicinity. Our CAD software allows you to see these in the context of the overall model, which helps you to identify potential conflicts in the early design stage.

Supply Line Editor

You can use our programs to integrate and edit supply lines for electricity, telecommunications, water, gas or district heating in a graphical, interactive interface like in the drainage module. Within each trade, you can define all manner of supply line and junction types. You can not only label them accordingly, but also assign them a specific status (“being planned,” “existing,” “out of service,” “to be removed,” “to be taken out of service”) and specify how each is shown in the site plan, grading plan and cross-section.
The program allows you to both manage existing lines and design new ones. Existing supply lines can be extracted from drawings, whereby ProVI can calculate missing elevation data automatically on the basis of the vertical distance to a terrain model or route course.


ProVI can visualize junctions and supply lines in site plans, grading plans and cross-sections. A wide range of options for changing the designs in line with your project specifications is available. In grading plans, you can choose between representations projected onto an alignment or along a specific supply line.
You can also create a three-dimensional visualization of your supply line network with solids.

Data Exchange

The BIM output modules allow an attributed 3D model of your supply line network to be exported as an IFC or CPXML file.

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