Support Tools

ProVI offers a whole range of support programs to make your day-to-day work easier. You’ll find our tools for creating plan margins, editing layers, requesting information and preparing designs to be absolutely indispensable.

Plan Margin

With our software, it is every bit as easy to draw a single plan margin in the model or paper area (layout) as it is to create and plot entire plan sets. The programs required for this allow you to do the following (among other things):

  • Choose predefined paper formats
  • Define your own drawing area
  • Position the title block, legend, north arrow, etc.
  • Populate the title block with attributes
  • Draw folding marks and grid intersections
  • Label coordinates
  • Use plan numbers for layout names and title block labeling
  • Generate plan frames and the appropriate plan sets along an alignment
  • Generate parcel-specific land acquisition plans
  • Create series plots of cross-sections with plan margin

Requesting Information

The info tools allow you to call up information and data about your project at any time:

  • Point attributes such as point numbers, coordinates, categories, symbols, sources, etc.
  • Information about alignments, vertical alignments, routes, junctions, drainage lines, supply lines and terrain models from the site plan
  • Component attributes of solids on drawings



Our tools for editing layers supplement the tools available with AutoCAD and BricsCAD to include a range of specialist functions:

  • Creating standardized project layers
  • Automatically converting layer names based on rules
  • Editing layers according to alignment or switch
  • Editing layers according to the program that generated them
  • Combining layers from different alignments
  • Combining layers from different programs
  • Changing alignment numbers in all layer names
  • Deleting all elements on a layer

Preparing Designs

Below are just some of the tools that have proved their worth thousands of times over in practice:

  • Shading surfaces with altitude-specific colors
  • Superimposing aerial images on the plan or using them as texture for 3D surfaces
  • Creating shading and slope hachures
  • Adding grade indicators, line numbers, direction indicators and track symbols to rail alignments in accordance with Ril 886 01
  • Adding direction arrows, crosswalks, marking lines and painted islands to intersections
  • Adding length and grade information to lines
  • Optimizing polylines by reducing vertices
  • Positioning blocks along polylines
  • Aligning text along an alignment
  • Converting text to MTexts

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