In ProVI, the switches are part of the branch alignment and can be positioned at any point along the main track – on a straight line, curve or spiral. Likewise, crossings and slip crossings are part of the intersecting alignment and can be positioned as required on straight lines and curves.



Since you can simultaneously edit as many alignments as necessary and connect them using switches and other alignment elements, you can create highly complex track designs such as those found in shunting yards in a very efficient manner. Our software can effectively prevent position errors because whenever changes are made to the main track, the switches are automatically re-integrated.

Connection Switches

If the positions of the main and branch tracks have already been defined, ProVI can precisely calculate the position of the switch for you.

Track Connections

ProVI allows you to automatically calculate single crossovers and switch tracks among multiple tracks. It is entirely up to you which intermediate elements you choose and how many. When the distance between the tracks is small, the switches are also allowed to overlap.

Switch Catalog

ProVI offers a comprehensive switch catalog to which you can easily add your own types. Switches, crossings, slip crossings and blade constructions that comply with the following guidelines are currently implemented:

Germany: Switzerland:
DB Ril 800.0120 SBB I-22046
VDV BOStrab VöV RTE 22564
Ril Münchener U-Bahn
Austria: Netherlands:
Voestalpine Weichen OVS00056

Blade Constructions

You can create customized tramway switches using standardized blade constructions and variable end sections. The switch end is then located at a fixed distance behind the crossing. You can also use prefaced blade constructions for designing sorting switches.

Switch Grading Plan

To visualize the spatial conditions along canted tracks, ProVI allows you to create a switch grading plan in accordance with DB Guideline 885.1102. With track connections, for example, you can use this plan to also calculate the height profile of the connection alignment from the vertical alignments of the main tracks.


Clearance Points

ProVI calculates the position of the clearance point from the track position and clearance point distance. When you are designing routes in accordance with the DB HL guideline, the prescribed allowance can be added automatically for small track radii.

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