Track Demarcation

You can use ProVI to create DB Guideline 885.1102-compliant track demarcations and route plans for single- and dual-track sections.

When you compile the pairs of points for the track demarcation, ProVI provides assistance with a sophisticated algorithm that automatically detects the related points.
The individual bands can be drawn here in any combination you like – for example, a vertical alignment band with a curvature and cant band.
The layers generated by the program are compatible with the layer assignments requested under specific circumstances by DB in MicroStation.

The representation includes the following elements:

  • Sketch map: schematic representation of the tracks and switches, track spacings, track displacements, symbols, clearance check
  • Track demarcation: representation of the track demarcation in the sketch map (point symbols with spacings and elevation differences), versed sine band (optional)
  • Structures: representation and labeling in the structure line and sketch map, plan frame limits
  • Vertical alignment: slope change and tangent labeling, representation of the depth gauges in vertical curves, track displacements (optional)
  • Chainage line: kilometer and hectometer specifications
  • Cant: cant development, increase values for the lower rail in non-separated reverse curves
  • Curvature: curve development, versed sines in spirals and for main curve points
  • Grids: horizontal and vertical grid lines every 10 m, vertical hectometer lines
  • Plan margin: plan height automatically rounded up to A4

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