Tractrix Curves

You can use the tractrix curve program to calculate and draw the area that a vehicle covers in the traffic space and so verify the navigability of parking spaces, T-intersections, roundabouts and other intersections.

Our software allows you to move a vehicle forward and backward using your keyboard, guide it along a reference line (alignment, polyline or spline) or simply specify the lane edge that it is not allowed to cross. The maneuvers can also be shown in an animation.

ProVI features a library containing over 120 common reference vehicles including articulated trucks and buses as well as fire service and waste disposal vehicles. You can also add your own vehicles to this library, including less common variants such as rear-axle steering for forklifts or steerable trailers for EuroCombi (Gigaliners) and bus trains.

The tractrix curve calculation is included in the Road module, but can also be obtained separately as an XLT version.

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