Volume Calculation

ProVI calculates not only the excavation volumes but also the required volumes for the structure of the road and railway directly from your route model in accordance with REB 21.0013 / 21.003.

Volumes from Prisms

Using prism-based volume calculation in accordance with REB 22.013 / GAEB-VB 22.114 , you can determine the volume between surfaces and courses of any shape; for example, to dimension stormwater retention basins or waste disposal sites.


In addition to volumes, our software can analyze the areas, lengths and quantities of all the objects defined in the route model such as slope areas, rail lengths and the number of guide posts.


All volume positions can be represented as solids and exported via the IFC interface. The geometry can be assigned various attributes to enrich it with additional information such as position, route assignment and material. Among other things, this allows you to analyze and compile different models in any other BIM-capable programs.
Thanks to the CPIXML interface, you can also export the volume positions directly to settlement programs such as iTWO to make your planning workflow easier.

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