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Thanks to ProVI, you can use the building model created during the design phase for the construction and maintenance phases, too.

From the Digital Design to the Digital Twin

It was frequently the case in conventional design processes that a huge amount of information would get lost in the transition from implementation planning to construction because this data was handed over in the form of plans rather than as a building data model. So for construction progress planning and quantity surveys, models often had to be generated again from the designs – an unnecessary duplication of work.

The BIM methodology can significantly improve processes in this respect because the jointly created building data model not only allows all the planning documentation and data to be handed over and evaluated with virtually zero loss, but also offers numerous additional benefits:

  • Enhanced planning quality thanks to variant analyses
  • Reduced errors thanks to conflict checks
  • Enhanced planning reliability thanks to 4D construction progress models
  • Enhanced cost security and efficiency thanks to more accurate and up-to-date quantity data
  • Visualizations improve acceptance in public relations

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s graduated scheme of digital planning and building, which is to apply in Germany from the end of 2020, stipulates BIM Level 1 for new, government-funded infrastructure projects; similar requirements apply in other countries.

ProVI – The Practical Route Design Software

In keeping with the guiding principle of practicality, we have entered into partnerships with two large, international construction companies with the aim of identifying potential areas for improvement in digital data transfer and developing construction-compatible solutions for this:

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We have already incorporated numerous improvements from these in our programs:

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