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The students of today are the engineers of tomorrow.

ProVI for Educational Establishments

We are happy to support universities and students in implementing ProVI for teaching purposes – after all, what could be better than honing your design skills in one of the most popular route design systems?

  • The university can offer modern, practice-oriented teaching.
  • Students are ideally prepared for the kind of design projects they will encounter in their everyday working lives.
  • Engineering firms benefit from highly skilled graduates.

“Since we started using ProVI for teaching purposes, we can finally focus on teaching our students the fundamentals of route design.”

University Licenses

Compared with other systems, ProVI has become so popular in the academic world above all because it is so intuitive and easy to learn.
This means that only minimal support is required from the tutors because students can familiarize themselves with the programs largely independently using the tutorials. This leaves more time to focus on the vital technical content.
We provide universities with heavily discounted licenses for their teaching assignments.
These universities already use ProVI for teaching purposes.

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Student Licenses

When you’re a student, you’re always short of money. To ensure that your education doesn’t fall victim to a shortage of funds, students specializing in civil engineering and land traffic engineering or who are on a similar course of studies can apply for a free student license from us (with the appropriate proof of student status).
We also welcome students working on their bachelor’s or master’s theses.

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