All modules are clearly structured, can be learnt quickly and enable efficient working in the shortest time.


ProVI contains a digital terrain model based on triangular meshing, taking terrain points and fold lines into account. Longitudinal profiles and cross-sections through the terrain can be created rapidly. An animation can be used to provide the user with a visual overview of the course of the terrain.

Grading plan

The gradient editor offers not only a list-oriented input of the tangent intersections, but also a graphic interactive concept in which the fixed points are taken into account.
ProVI offers a range of display options for graphical processing. It is possible to draw any vertical alignment or terrain lines, with the labelling being optional. In addition to curvature, cant and speed bands, labelling of special locations and data from the drainage calculation can also be displayed in the grading plan.


The Cross-section Editor is a powerful, but nonetheless easy to use, design instrument.
Building on a centreline, this graphic interactive editor can combine various strips like tracks, permanent way, drainage facilities, embankments etc. and combine them to a line. The result is a cross-section with subgrade layers, but also a "wire model", which can be used for further 3D animations.
The cross-section display can be at any chainage, with no previous decision being necessary.
In a further step, a level or foundation output can be produced.
For track construction, either slab track or ballasted track is possible.

Volume calculation

Starting from a route created in the cross-section editor or by input of the data type 66, a volume calculation can be carried out in accordance with REB21013. ProVI takes account of several courses. A visual check of the part-areas and intersections is possible without further processing of the data.
Based prisms volumes can be computed between two horizons. The results can be displayed as a list or as a drawing with the cut and fill areas.

Land acquisition

ProVI provides a dedicated tool for land acquisition. Programs are available from reading the land registry data, through the intersection of the acquisition areas to be purchased and on to the output of schedules and drawings. The user can choose from several display guidelines (RE, DB AG, ASFINAG), not only for the output of lists but also for the generation of drawings. Alternatively, both the graphical output and the purchase lists can be freely defined.

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