ProVI GmbH

We develop and market a highly intuitive and easy-to-learn software system for traffic and infrastructure planning. ProVI has for many years been among the leading route design systems used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2019, the company was spun off from globally successful planning firm OBERMEYER to create an independent organization within the Group capable of meeting client requirements even more effectively – not only by enhancing and refining the software, but also in the areas of service and support.

ProVI Is Agile and Highly Responsive

This allows us to respond quickly to new requirements, rules, regulations and technological innovations in a highly dynamic IT landscape. We are also always looking to the future and already developing innovative solutions for the design projects of tomorrow.

ProVI Has Highly Capable Partners

As a standalone subsidiary of the OBERMEYER Group, we can draw upon the expertise of one of Germany’s biggest planning firms. This creates valuable synergies because we develop our software based on practical, real-life requirements. This also enables us to better understand your needs and so provide you with expert and comprehensive support.
We collaborate with numerous universities on research projects and have also entered into partnerships with international construction companies such as STRABAG AG and Julius Berger International GmbH with the aim of optimizing digital data transfer processes. No other developer of route design software can offer this level of practical orientation.

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ProVI Is Customer-Oriented

We listen to your every word and address your needs and wishes – especially when it comes to the further development of our software. The high level of satisfaction among customers motivates us to keep innovating. At regular user conferences, we showcase our latest developments and cultivate dialogue with you so that we can talk about any problems you might be experiencing.

ProVI Is Comprehensive

Developed in direct consultation with users from a range of different disciplines and refined in response to experience gained on real-life projects, our software covers almost every aspect of traffic infrastructure design. Thanks to our consultative approach and many years of experience, we are not only a software provider but also an in-demand business partner to our clients. We help you to complete your projects more quickly.

ProVI Is Cooperative

Our users are also our development partners. By feeding back your wishes and suggestions to us, you help ProVI to become an ever better route design software – software that we also use in our design processes. Whether you want to lease or buy the software, we’ll provide you with the license that best suits your needs.
We listen to our clients and know that they value a consistent pricing model. Our license fees have remained stable for many years. Our business is growing continuously because more customers discover the benefits of ProVI every year.

History of ProVI GmbH

  • Mid-1980s: Work starts on developing a program – initially for in-house use – on a mainframe computer.
  • 1995: OBERMEYER becomes a founding member of buildingSMART e.V. and, in its managerial capacity, supports the development of neutral BIM standards in Germany.
  • 1997: The product name “ProVI” (from the German Programmsystem für Verkehrs- und Infrastrukturplanung [software system for traffic and infrastructure planning]) is introduced.
  • 1998: Work begins on developing the modern 3D route model.
  • 2000: Start of commercialization of ProVI.
  • 2006: ProVI 4.0 includes database-based project management.
  • 2011: ProVI becomes the standard route design software for Deutsche Bahn.
  • 2017: STRABAG AG becomes a development partner.
  • 2019: Hiving-off of ProVI GmbH.
  • 2019: Julius Berger International GmbH becomes a development partner.
  • 2020: DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH becomes a development partner.

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