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Our FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the following topics:

  • ProVI portfolio and solutions
  • ProVI portfolio and solutions
  • ProVI product features and performance characteristics
  • General information and modalities of the ProVI solutions

ProVI portfolio & solutions

What products are offered in the ProVI portfolio?

The ProVI products essentially comprise the software solutions “ProVI Road” and “ProVI Rail” as extensions for AutoCAD and BricsCAD. They are available individually and in combination as “ProVI Road + Rail” or in the “ProVI Rail LT”, “ProVI Road 500”, and “ProVI Road 2000” versions. The CAPLAN geodesy software from Cremer is available as the “ProVI Geodesy” module. The “ProVI LST” module was added to the portfolio as a new product for control command and signaling planning.

Who are the ProVI solutions intended for?

The ProVI solutions are intended for the builders and planners of infrastructure and transportation route projects such as road planners, rail planners, geodesists, sewer planners, transport companies, and construction companies.

What are the differences between the ProVI versions?

ProVI Rail” is the full version for railway transportation route planning, while “ProVI Rail LT” is the light version with a reduced range of functions. For road planning, “ProVI Road” is the full version with all the functions. The lower-cost “ProVI Road 500” and “ProVI Road 2000” versions provide a reduced alignment length of 500 and 2000 meters respectively. Please see our Product overview for details.

Are add-on modules offered for ProVI?

Yes. The “ProVI Geodesy” module (CAPLAN from Cremer) is available as an add-on for geodesic calculations. The “ProVI LST” module can be purchased in addition for control command and signaling planning.

What is included in ProVI service?

We offer software service contracts for our software, including annual updates, upgrades, and excellent support by e-mail, phone, and remote maintenance. You automatically get all new developments pertaining to the licensed product.

How do I use the software economically and efficiently?

ProVI software is precisely adapted to the way engineers work. It uses common planning terminology, making it very practical and intuitive to use. Users can work efficiently and economically with ProVI as their BIM solution after a short training period.

What training is offered for ProVI?

The ProVI Academy offers basic and in-depth training for our software. Users can register for training directly on our website. We offer open training sessions covering specified topics on set dates, as well as in-house training with especially adapted content following an individual consultation. All training sessions are available both online and in person. For complete information, training content, dates, and prices, please visit the “ProVI Academy”.

ProVI fields of application

What transportation route planning tasks is ProVI able to handle?

You can design a parameterized, guideline-compliant model with ProVI and generate site plans and grading plans, cross sections, and various other planning documents and visualizations from that. Reports such as stakings, the geometric road design, or volume and sight distance calculations are also available.

Is ProVI suitable for technical geodesy tasks?

Geodetic data can be evaluated with the “ProVI Geodesy” add-on module. The module includes parts of the CAPLAN program package from Cremer Programmentwicklung GmbH. They are seamlessly integrated into ProVI and support all calculations from the transfer of field data to the final coordinates.

What tools for the planning of sewers and supply lines are offered by ProVI?

Planners can design and evaluate drainage systems and complete wastewater networks with our sewer program. Everything from calculation to visualization is possible with ProVI. See Sewer planning for detailed information.

How and where can the software be used?

ProVI can be used in engineering offices, construction companies, and by infrastructure operators for the conceptual design, planning, and realization of transport infrastructure projects. ProVI is a BIM solution with central data management in a database and an implicit, parametric 3D model available to all project participants. It is therefore possible to work on one dataset in ProVI across locations and trades.

Are there special offers for universities and students?

Student licenses are only available on loan from the university on principle. If your university does not grant such licenses (yet), please contact us. You may acquire ProVI licenses directly after providing proof that you are currently working on a bachelor or master thesis with or about ProVI.

ProVI product features & performance characteristics

What are the performance characteristics of the ProVI products?

The ProVI products differ depending on the version. Possible performance characteristics for “ProVI Road” and “ProVI Rail” are: Terrain, subsoil, alignment, vertical alignment, route model, drainage, supply lines / utilities, noise protection walls, land acquisition, visualization, and interfaces. “ProVI Rail” also features switches, a track demarcation plan, platforms, catenary, rail division, and envelope curves. “ProVI Road” additionally features tractrix curves, intersections, and sight distances. For an overview of detailed information in table form, please see the Product overview.

How does project management work in ProVI?

Project management in ProVI provides a hierarchical visualization of all transport infrastructure elements from the underlying database, with the familiar feel of Windows Explorer. You can structure your projects according to your requirements by adding subfolders.

What interfaces does ProVI offer?

We are actively engaged in the further development of interfaces to make the exchange of data even smoother going forward. Our software already supports the following formats, among others: IFC, CPIXML, CityGML, KML, LandXML, ALKIS, ISYBAU, OKSTRA, IDMVU, and the proven REB formats.

Can multiple users access ProVI from different locations?

Yes, we implemented comprehensive data management in a central database for our software in 2006. All project participants can always work on the same project from anywhere.

What are the differences between the various products?

While “ProVI Road + Rail” supports the comprehensive planning of both roads (including tramways) and railroads, the individual products “ProVI Road” and “ProVI Rail” in their respective versions are only for planning transportation routes of the same name.

Is ProVI configurable?

Yes. For example, review guidelines, object catalogs, and the specification file for plan generation can be configured with ProVI.

Is ProVI BIM-capable?

Yes. As a BIM solution with central data management, building projects can be realized according to the BIM methodology with ProVI and output via CPIXML and IFC (Rail/Road), the key interfaces in the BIM environment. With end-to-end data usability, ProVI covers three quarters of the BIM cycle in the planning of line structures, from geodesy to planning to the execution of construction.

Is BIM mandatory?

BIM was made mandatory for public infrastructure tenders in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) starting in December 2020. Using the BIM methodology for the planning of public sector construction projects is therefore required.

Is ProVI compliant with applicable guidelines?

At this time, the current routing guidelines for rail engineering in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Romania and for road engineering in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic are stored in ProVI. This simplifies and facilitates routing through tender and control mechanisms.

General information & modalities of the ProVI solutions

What sets ProVI apart?

ProVI is special because the software was developed by engineers, for engineers. Since our employees are engineers themselves, they know what makes software practical and intuitive to use. With ProVI, we have thereby created software that is precisely adapted to the way engineers work. It uses the familiar planning terminology and no programming knowledge is required. Experienced transportation system planners work in training and support, offering fast, competent, uncomplicated assistance with their technical expertise.

How can I obtain advice about ProVI?

Please contact us at any time if you have questions. You can reach us using the contact form. We will respond with answers.

What are the system requirements for the software?

  • ProVI version 7.0 is available for the AutoCAD, Civil3D, and AutoCAD Map3D versions 2019-2023 and for BricsCAD 22 (from 22.1.06 or higher 22.x version). Only the 64-bit versions are supported.
  • Only 64-bit versions of Windows 10 and 11.
  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server (version 2014 SP2 – 2019) can be used as the database management system. The required database drivers are installed by ProVI as needed. This is not subject to additional costs.
  • Hardware requirements are determined by the chosen versions of CAD and the database management system.

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