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ProVI road planning software

From inner-city intersections to complex highway sections, ProVI is the practical software for all road planning tasks. It covers everything from the transfer of stock data to routing to settlement.

Guideline-compliant road planning software

This product created especially for road planning makes it surprisingly easy for you to create a 3D model of your roadways in compliance with applicable guidelines. Site plans and grading plans, cross sections, and numerous other reports such as the geometric road design, volume calculation, and sight distance calculation are then generated from this model.

A 3D model of the planned project is constructed and all routing data and dependencies are centrally managed.

Civil and underground engineering software with flexible licensing
Flexible licensing

Civil and underground engineering software with flexible licensing

We offer licensing models for projects of all sizes, from the full or light version to leasing. For handling smaller planning projects, the light versions of ProVI provide a highly competitive solution for road planners. They include the system’s full range of features at a fraction of the price. Only the route length is limited, while the functionality is unrestricted. We are happy to tell you about the different versions of our road planning software – at no charge.

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Annual updates

Maintenance of your BIM software

With our maintenance contracts, we offer annual updates and excellent support by e-mail, phone, and remote maintenance for our ProVI Road software. Along with maintenance, you automatically get all new developments pertaining to the licensed product.

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Maintenance of your BIM software

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