ProVI Product Overview

ProVI is a graphical and interactive software system for road, rail and maglev transportation and infrastructure design.


Product Comparison

The table below compares the functional scope of the individual products and will help you to choose the right one:

Road + Rail Rail Rail LT Road Road 2000/500 Geodesy XLT Tractrix/Envelope Curves
Alignment 1 2
Vertical alignment 1
Route model 1
Supply lines / utilities
Noise protection walls
Land acquisition
Rail division
Envelope curves
Tractrix curves
Sight distances
Interfaces 3

1 Products contain route-specific differences.

2 The alignment length is restricted to 500 m / 2,000 m.

3 The right interfaces for the data types are also supplied.


The clear structure and intuitive, context-dependent user interface in combination with detailed help documentation allow you to use ProVI efficiently and productively after just a brief period of training.

System Requirements

  • ProVI version 6.1 is available for AutoCAD, Civil3D and AutoCAD Map3D versions released in the period 2015–2020 and for BricsCAD 19 (from 19.2.03). Only the 64-bit versions are supported.
  • Only 64-bit versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • You can use either Microsoft Access or SQL Server (version 2008 R2 – 2016) as the database. If you decide to use Access databases, however, note that you must not have the 32-bit MS Office installation because otherwise you will not be able to install the required 64-bit database drivers. If required, the required database drivers can be installed by ProVI. This will be done free of charge.
  • The hardware requirements depend on your CAD and database versions.

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