Practical supplements for your CAD system

High Performance at Low Cost

The ProVI XLT versions feature a range of special functions taken from the full version of ProVI. These standalone modules can run on AutoCAD, Civil3D, AutoCAD Map3D and BricsCAD and supplement your CAD software with some useful calculation tools. You also receive all the support programs we offer that do not require an alignment (more than two dozen). The following XLT versions are available:


You can use this module to prepare, evaluate, analyze and visualize a whole range of different terrain model types.

ProVI XLT Tractrix and Envelope Curves

The tractrix and envelope curve programs allow you to determine the area that a vehicle covers in the traffic space and thereby verify navigability at intersections, stops and parking spaces and along tramways.

ProVI XLT Land Acquisition

Import owner, land register and cadaster data from ALKIS, calculate acquisition areas and create land acquisition records and plans.

ProVI XLT Intersections

This module allows you to perform instant intersection calculations based on alignments or simple AutoCAD elements.

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