ProVI actively supports you in the guideline-compliant design of your roads and railways.



ProVI makes it easy for you to design guideline-compliant alignments, vertical alignments and switches because, if required, the system can calculate minimum, standard and maximum values for element lengths, radii and cants. So even during the early stages, the system checks your design in real time to ensure that it complies with your chosen guideline and instantly highlights any non-compliant positions. The limits to be checked are usually taken from a configuration file and so can be adjusted by the user if necessary.

Rules and Regulations

The latest road construction rules and regulations in the following countries are supported:

  • Germany (RIN, RAS, RLW, ERA)
  • Austria (RVS)
  • Czech Republic (CSN 736101)

The following railroad design guidelines are supported:

  • Germany (Ril 800, BOStrab, Obri-NE)
  • Austria (RW 01.03, HL Guideline, B52)
  • Switzerland (SBB I-22046, VöV RTE 22546)
  • Netherlands (OVS00056)
  • Romania (NP109, I314)


Our software also helps you to create guideline-compliant cross-sections using special calculation tools or by choosing standard components from the guidelines.

  • Standard profiles for roads, ballast tracks, slab tracks and tramways
  • Calculations for lane-widening measures
  • Crossfall calculation for lanes and road shoulders in accordance with RIN/RAS
  • Design of intersections from RAL
  • Calculation of station and passing sight distances in accordance with RAL/RVS
  • Calculation of areas of obstructed vision in accordance with HViSt 2008
  • Marking lines in accordance with StVO, RVS 05.03.11
  • Automatic calculation of subgrade width and crossfall in accordance with DB Guideline 800.0130
  • Clearance diagrams in accordance with DB Guideline 800.0130
  • Positioning of cable ducts in accordance with DB Guideline 800.0130
  • Platform edge calculation in accordance with DB Guideline 813 / ÖBB Guideline RW 01.06
  • Volume calculation in accordance with REB 21.003/21.033


Site plans, longitudinal sections and cross-sections are generated as standard in accordance with the relevant guideline (e.g. guidelines for the creation of standardized design documents in road construction, DB AG), but can be adapted in line with your project specifications. This means that all the labeling for the region and your project requirements can be configured.

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