Our Maglev add-on module offers numerous functional extensions to help you meet the very specific requirements regarding the design of guideways for maglevs and cable liners.

Alignment Calculation

To make life easier for designers of maglev guideways, sinusoids are used as spirals. Instead of cants, designers work with crossfall, which can change even regardless of the main alignment points. Our software assists you in the calculation of all the relevant route design parameters and checks that they have been integrated in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

Vertical Alignment Calculation

A system-specific feature here is that the vertical curve radii of the vertical alignment are assigned spirals. ProVI takes this into account and calculates/checks the vertical alignment in accordance with the latest route design stipulations.

Space Curve

To calculate girder lengths, designers need to know the exact space curve of the guideway. ProVI can calculate the figures you need and make the data available to you.

Speed Calculation

Using travel-dynamics data such as radial and vertical acceleration as well as the limit values for radial, vertical and omnidirectional jerk, ProVI calculates a maximum speed band.


All route-design-relevant parameters such as acceleration, jerk and crossfall can be exported along with all the other alignment labeling to the site and grading plans. The special guidelines concerning the route design of maglev guideways published by the Munich-based Versuchs- und Planungsgesellschaft für Magnetbahnsysteme (test and planning organization for maglev systems) are used as a basis for all calculations.

The maglev module is available as an add-on for the full version of ProVI Rail.

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