The subsoil and geological soil layers have to be analyzed in detail no later than the planning stage for civil engineering structures such as bridges and tunnels. But for mass excavation, too, it is important to calculate the different types of soil material to be excavated and their different weights.


Drilling Profiles, Soil Layers and Ground Models

You can import geological data in the form of drilling profiles and soil layers to your ProVI model and use these as a basis for creating a ground model. You can do this either two-dimensionally along one alignment or using a three-dimensional model of the soil layers. You can visualize the soil layers in longitudinal profiles and cross-sections or as 3D solids.

Volume Calculation

In your route model, you can intersect the geological courses with the “cut volumes” and “soil exchange” positions and define them as separate volume positions. This means that you can use our software to calculate the excavation volumes separately by course or visualize them as 3D solids. In combination with the IFC interface, this paves the way for 4D/5D variant analyses.

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