Vertical Alignment

You can use the vertical alignment to define the height profile of your route and, in doing so, influence the spatial line guidance, route structure and cut and fill volumes.


Graphical Design

You can interactively edit the vertical alignment of your route directly in the site plan and longitudinal section or by entering the points of vertical intersection into a list. Of course, compulsory points such as overpasses – where a specific amount of headroom needs to be ensured – are also taken into account here.

Real-Time Guideline Compliance Checking

As with alignments, ProVI also helps you to design guideline-compliant vertical alignments. If desired, the minimum values for vertical curve lengths can be set; and even during the early stages, the system checks your design in real time to ensure that it complies with your chosen guideline. Wherever the guidelines are breached, the relevant positions are instantly highlighted.

Stationing Alignment

You can assign each alignment its own reference alignment for stationing purposes. So for the vertical alignment, you can choose which of the two alignments are to be used for calculating station differences, vertical curve lengths and tangent slopes.
For rail alignments, you can also define whether the vertical alignment runs on the lower-lying rail or in the center of the track.

Volume Adjustment

The position of the vertical alignment naturally has a major impact on the amount of earthmoving work to be carried out. The ad hoc volume calculation, therefore, allows you to optimize this during the design stage and adjust the volume accordingly.

Existing Vertical Alignments

In ProVI, you can use measured elevations to reconstruct existing vertical alignments. When doing so, the program optimizes the vertical alignment so that the distances between the existing points are minimized.


In the grading plan, you can visualize multiple vertical alignments and longitudinal profiles simultaneously together with bands, structures, supply lines and drainage networks.


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